Wahi Lafda, Sssh! Kisi ko mat bolna

Year: 2023
Time: You decide
Location: Ditto

Voice: There was this one incident that I remember, a certain group of people were offended, by the portrayl of someone they considered their Gods! They said it was intolerable. They gave death threats and burnt huge dolls.

Kid’s voice: Like the dolls, Jeff Dunham has?

Voice: Yeah, but less budget. The Gaddha that’s there in Grand Ma’s house. Yeah? Take 6 of them and put them in the shape of a man and wear a kurta over that. Put the photo of the person that created the offence on that and that sums up the doll that was burnt.

Kid’s voice: I’ve heard about this earlier. Someone told me about this last year in 2022. They said it happened in 2006.

Voice: I remember it being in 2015.

Kid’s voice: Yes! They showed their outrage and the ones who did what they did were executed.

Voice: No! Not that I remember, hopefully.

Kid’s voice: Ins’t it Danish?

Voice: Stop talking about cookies. I wouldn’t mind a good cookie though.

Kid’s Voice: No, the story that you’re telling happened to Danish guy!

Voice: No! Indian guy. Well a bumch of them. One guy in particular.

Kid’s VOice: Well that’s sad.

Voice: Yeah, what’s even worse is, even in an imaginary voice in a blog you sound annoying.

Kid’s Voice: Don’t digress!

Voice: Before you do a segue, I better shut this post down.

Kid’s Voice: No……….


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