Fate of a Cockroach! What Co..co.. COCKROACH! (Scream)


I’ve noticed most of the times there is never just the one cockroach, whenever you spot one, there is one around the corner…
There’s another one going into the distance and what scares me the most is that some of them can fly and you can’t say which ones.

Jokes aside, I caught ‘Fate of a Cockroach’
It’s a play that shows you the perspective of cockroaches in your bathroom. There’s a King, there are gurus of Science and Politics, but when an issue comes up no one really steps up.

It’s kind of funny and absurd to watch the actors all as cockroaches and the very aspect that if it falls on it’s back the cockroach can’t do anything and how the resemblance of behaviour of cockroaches and humans are quite similar.

Is there are more scientific reason why cockroaches roam together?
What is the Fate of a Cockroach?

The play also shows a couple, middle-class with problems that you and I face, that encounter a cockroach and it’s struggle, the man of the house is fascinated by it and the woman is perplexed by this.

Throughout the play in both acts the writer shows us how women are stronger although they are called the weaker sex.

I was laughing my ass off  watching them, watch a cockroach and talk their minds out.

Oh, and before I forget there’s a video in the play that is done brilliantly well. A good headstart to the team Playpen for Jagriti’s Season opener. This play is on 10 more times. Catch one of it.

Here are the tickets :-

Here’s a link to the trailer:-

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