Bangalore – Supports art, not artists!

“Bangalore has one of the best crowds in the country.”
“Bangalore has audiences that I love to perform for.”
“They respond so well. The diversity in the city is amazing.”
“Bangalore’s crowd welcomes so many artists.”

These are lines I’ve heard from, theatre artists, comedians, musicians, and so many performers that don’t live in the city. Be it international Bands, be it national performers, be it renowned singers, Bangalore’s had the reputation for selling out if someone famous comes to perform. But as a city that is known to appreciate art, we don’t seem to go out and support local performers. We would rather go out to watch someone who is already famous.

Bangalore has grown in leaps and bounds in the last decade or so and it doesn’t look like we’ll stop, but there is a huge problem. Not many people in the city live as this is their city. The mentality of the average person is that, “I love Bangalore, bust just my comfort circle.”

Not a lot of people in this city are true Bengalureans. To me that means to take ownership of the city. Not live in the city like it is transit. It just goes out to say that people will never have a sense of ownership of the city. I’ve urged folks to learn the local language and not because you have to, just enough to converse because then you’re claiming to be part of the city.

Here’s how is see the reasoning and I may be wrong, and you can correct me if I am. People stay in the city for over 8 to 10 years. Love the place and then don’t feel the ownership in the city and move out. The ones who move out don’t really go out to be a part of the city. They visit places. They visit, cafes, hangouts, pubs and malls but museums, galleries, theatres and any place that supports art is not really having the support, given the expansion and the fact that artists from other cities claim that the crowds here are a delight. If you were to learn a little about the culture, understand the language a little, discover places, own this city and be a part of it there would a bigger chance of socializing outside of a pub and office colleagues.

Bangalore has the largest amount of office space in the country. It also has people who read, listen to good music, appreciate satire. Everything that you would want in a crowd that represents progressive society, yet local talent is neglected over national talent.

This is not just a rant about the fact that people won’t come and support a live performance, unless there is a big name involved, it’s also a rant on the fact that people refuse to learn the language because they manage without it.

So ending this rant, I want to point out that venues and spaces that give local talent a chance to perform and I don’t say all of them are great but until you don’t give them a chance you would never know, maybe an International artist is right here in the city and all he needs is an audience.

Think Globally, Act Locally.

Now it’s time for me to pack to head to another city for a performance.
See you later, alligator!


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