Being Goofy! Anonymously.

Dear Shunky,

This is your inner voice, or maybe it’s just you and you’re trying to make this sound like a deeper conversation than it is. Nonetheless, here are few lessons on my mind today.

Being goofy and stupid can’t ever be not on the table.
If there’s a point where you’re not goofy, you should look forward to the next time you get to be goofy.
So don’t ever stop being stupid. Forget the facts and remember the feelings.
There’s value to be taken in Anonymity.
Being not famous for doing something. I don’t find it particularly but there is value to it.
There’s also a certain drive in Naivety.
Not knowing how good you are, or just how bad you are can sometimes keep you going as long as you want to put yesterday’s work to shame.
There’s the thing! You know, the thing. Writing, playing a sport, a long drive and then there’s the idea of that thing.
What’s it like to write? What’s it like to be a writer?

Deep down, doing that one thing means everything.
Not being known for doing that one thing.
Just doing that one thing.
Fame, is enjoyable, is lucrative and is always desired but not the objective of doing that thing.
Maybe only once you reach being truly famous can you say this line.
Like they say, Money isn’t everything but you need to make enough to be able to say it.

Now stop conning people reading this, that the inner voice told you to write this. You’ve already used a wallpaper to conning them to coming on to this page.

This is you.
Plain stupid you.
So get some sleep you freak!


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