“And we are ready for Take Off” – Alarm

I woke up in an empty hall that has two huge windows facing the rear end of the HAL Airport.

I mentioned rear end because all the fighter jets and flights would take off and would go in the opposite direction.
I would wake up at 3 in the afternoon, go for lunch and come back in time to have tea.
Sitting on a chair at the balcony of the 2nd floor, looking out into the airport while the sun sets, while there’s rain pouring down or all through the night has been one of the most relaxing experiences.
I remember, ours was the top most floor in the building. I had access to the terrace. Standing at the terrace felt good too.
I had only an i pod with me that had the most popular songs of that time that I would listen to while looking out into this vast land.

Sometimes I would be forced to wake up at ten in the morning, after a night shift that got over just three hours ago, because of a flight that’s about to take off. It would wake me up with so much velocity that I would the first memory of waking up being having my ears ringing and wondering where was I. The take off of a fighter jet was my alarm.

I remember celebrating the 2011 World Cup that India brought back after 28 years, in that house and it felt like we were all celebrating in unison.

I miss that house. I have some amazing memories in that house. We used to play cricket indoors with a smiley ball. I had access to the company swimming pool and table tennis court.

Now that I think of it, it feels like it hasn’t been too long ago.

I went back to sleep.


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