What was the first question that was ever asked in the English Language?

How to attempt to grab the attention of as many minds as you possibly can?
When’s the last time you saw a gentleman?
What would you say to someone if they offered to dance along with you?
Why isn’t there more mindless walking in the city?
Who would you call at 5 in the morning to have a cup of chai and talk your heart out?

How to try and sustain attention, without letting more people leave than there are, still reading?
When do you realise that the person you’re sitting and talking to isn’t going to be the one?
What can you tell yourself about that person that makes them someone special, but not special enough?
Why do we find out that the person is not the one, only after it’s a tad bit too late?
Who do you call and confide in when you break the code?

How to keep people wondering what these questions are about?
When did this become a series of questions that intend to break the fourth wall?
What can you possibly be thinking about that can successfully take this forward?
Why can’t I sleep at night without having questions bother me?
Who can you point out to have no secrets at all?

How to put an end to all of this?
When is the right time to make your own decisions?
What can you tell about your life that’s worth sharing?
Why can’t I have more time with you?
Who am I and what I doing reading this.

Answer any three of these questions and write them to me, or talk to me about anything that you’d want to talk about.
We can then all decide that chai is the intermediary solution to all our problems.


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