Raise Gentlemen

Dear Son,

You will not abuse power. Your ego is not bound to your manhood. When the time is right, you will have the urge to have sex. It’s something you shouldn’t be ashamed about. But you will not put your pride on the fact that you had sex at a certain point in your life.
Establishing dominance, cat calling and pride in being able to have sex when the other person isn’t ready or has said has nothing to do with you being a man. Understand chivalry. Understand that the more you believe in the fact that having sex or losing your virginity has nothing to do with your dignity.

You will not put your ego, on the line. Firstly, try not to have an ego. But if I mess up as a parent and you end up having an ego, keep it to yourself. Don’t take it out and whip it around. There is no mid way to being a gentleman. I’ll repeat that, son.
There is no mid way to being a gentleman. You will honour the fact that the girl you are with has said no and not take that for granted.

Don’t do it, son. Don’t listen to the voice of ego and assume that it’s only fair because you feel entitled. You are not entitled to anything. I hope this is the second and last line that I have to repeat. You are not entitled to anything!
Man up, walk away and let me not hear about even one incident of any violence of personal space, both physical and mental.

You’ll fall while learning about life and your self-confidence should probably be there throughout your life. But don’t prove it, you don’t have to show anyone that you are able to. Believe in yourself. Don’t be pathetic.

Now before I go on ranting about the incidents that triggered this letter, I better stop. I’m sure you’ll have tools to find out about it. So one last time… You are not entitled to anything. You believe in yourself and don’t have your ego on the line at any point. Be a gentleman. If I’m going to be drinking when you read this, let’s have some alcohol, else a cup of chai for me and let’s talk…