Watch the road ahead

Late at night, it was pouring rain while I cycled back home. From the main road, I had to make a turn to my house, while no vehicle comes from the opposite direction. I saw this one guy, on the bike who was coming out of the road I had to go into. He waved in my direction and signalled that I can come. I thought to myself, ‘What a nice gesture!’

I cross, and suddenly this car, coming from the same side I was coming, going to the same side I was going, races past me and speeds ahead. “Hey, Asshole!” I yelled. But it was too late. He had driven past and gone too far. It was also raining remember. I yelled, right when I was crossing the guy on the bike who facing the opposite direction.

I keep cycling with my raincoat almost being a hinderance. I hear a bike approaching me. Soon enough the bike guy cuts me off and stops me in the middle of the road, removes his helmet and asks, “what did you say?”

I said, “Hey, that was not for you. I said, Hey Asshole! to the guy who drove past me, almost knocking me over.”

He said “Oh! Really?”

He takes his phone out, makes a call and says, “There’s some dude here calling you an asshole….Yeah. Come back. I’ve got him”

I was taken aback. I kept looking at the guy, preplexed that wondering what are the chances.
The car comes back. The driver gets down from the car and I got the shock of my life.

They were twins…

This story is almost true.




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