Is being pragmatic being a jerk?

Someone has got to do the work.
Someone has to plough through their day, considering that they might not be happy, the way they were.
Someone has to detach themselves from their plight and move on.
It’s not our plight that defines us but the way we see our plight. That makes all the difference.

We can either sit on our ass and moan about the world not being fair and the one thing that we want is the one thing we can’t have it. Or I can look at the side of the world that says we have something good going and we should keep moving forward.

Don’t come at someone who is dealing with their feelings and channelling all that energy to deal with a life that isn’t that bright but there’s a faint smile.
Would you rather someone is not able to deal with their feelings so that you can feel better that your not the only one that is going through a tough time?

In the famous words of Dr. House. “Our bodies break down, sometimes when we’re 90, sometimes before we’re even born, but it always happens and there’s never any dignity in it! I don’t care if you can walk, see, wipe your own ass… it’s always ugly – ALWAYS! You can live with dignity; we can’t die with it!” I know this isn’t the ideal choice of words for this blog but, there is a point about being pragmatic about life and being pragmatic about being with someone that is strikingly similar.

My point is, just because someone seems to be doing better while coping, doesn’t mean there is no love anymore. Being pragmatic can be painful but it lets you look at the brighter side, it lets you let out a tear and look at things and continue with your day. It doesn’t mean you’ve thrown the person you care for, in a pile of old chapters. You remember them and look at them and wish them luck. You learn to live with it.

Eventually you have to get on and keep moving forward. Does that make you jerk? Does it?



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