It could have been worse…


1000697_10151687303124334_1057061257_nI used to teach dance to kids during after-hours in college. It used to get late. Sometimes, the last bus would leave without me. I had hitch a ride back home or walk for 5 km. I chose to ask for a lift most of the times. I had just danced for 4 hours. I was starting to lose weight.

This one time, a middle age man stopped to help me. I got on his bike and we started talking. Over the next few minutes I gathered he is a relative of close friend of my Dad. I began to talk for the rest of the ride. By the time we reached the place where I live he knew that I had to take a bus the next morning, to which he added that he is also travelling to my home town and the fact that my brother and my cousin who live with me were not in town.

He offered to drop me to the bus stop the next morning. I had my bag packed that I would take and go home. We had dinner and I thanked him for being nice. After a hearty meal we went to his place. He in fact shared a few stories of Dad and his cousin.

He wished me Good Night and went to bed. I was reading a book and soon enough I dozed off to bed too. A while later I felt his moustache against my cheek. I couldn’t move. I froze. I couldn’t believe how stupid I had got to have trusted a stranger. He began to move his leg over me and whispered, I’ve had a few drinks and I’m sorry. I should have made a move but I only remember being very scared. He went on. He went down on me and it reached a point where I had to snap and get up. I remember thinking, I can’t get up beyond this point. It’s now or never. I did. Before he could say anything I remember rushing to the bathroom. I cried. I cried, a lot. I was abusing myself for being naive.

I saw his toothbrush and began scrapping his toilet with it. I kept it back. I gathered courage, stepped out the bathroom and said, “You stay away from me.”
I picked my bag and ran. I reached the main road and I sat down and I cried again. Did I just get molested? Was I stupid enough to not stop it? Did I mention that he kissed me? I felt like I couldn’t go any lower.

I told my parents. I was afraid to tell my brother. I couldn’t tell my brother because I felt most stupid in front of him.
My parents told my brother. He walked up to me, asked me for this person’s house and marched right in with me and my cousin, Sujay. At this point I must add Sujay is over 6 feet tall and me and brother stand at 5′ 5″.
He began hitting this man. It didn’t occur to me until later that I could have been in condition that was far worse than I was in. I felt glad that my brother stood up and kept hitting this man. This middle aged man who was apologising. I could only feel disgust.
That day my brother was taller than my cousin.
I guess all I’m trying to say is, I was naive and I wished I was more careful in trusting someone but more importantly and Thank you Tarun Chugani for making it easy for me to not let this episode become a big part of my life.

(PS :- Sujay Mehbubani, the other guy also kicked his ass)



What if we got our clothes at Birth

I used to wonder a lot as a child. I’m now wondering if I was high when I was a child. I’d get these  ideas, during the time when I’d dream that maybe I have some super power.

I used to wonder that what if the Divine powers that run the universe got together and decided that we will send clothes of babies that are born till death. So that  who are on earth will know how many stages they will see before they die. Also you can plan in advance knowing how tall, fat, bulky your child is going to be.

I’m pretty sure that would make it awesome. Just by the simple analogy that as a child when you Mother says you get only 2 aloo parathas, you get prepared to enjoy those two and you enjoy them to the fullest. Going by that logic, you would see the number of people who would live content.

It would give people also the knowledge to gather the strength to be happy for others. If you would truly believe what you were sent for, then you would work towards it. If this doesn’t work then worst case scenario we would live in world where we’re jealous, have hatred for others and mostly bitching about others, which is what we’re already living in so… Yeah!

I know I’m treading in grey areas in the aspect that people would be more chained to their destinies than they already are but I think if God would give people a reason to live it would be awesome to give them that like a maths paper.

Given :
Clothes till age: 46
: Chemist
Height: 5’8
Weight: Variable, over-weight towards the end of life cycle, with sudden drop in weight
Please explore life to the fullest!
Good luck!

If I were a nursery rhyme writer…

Jonny Jonny
Jonny Jonny,
Leave me alone dad, I’m busy
Want some Sugar.
I said leave me alone, I’m busy Dad.
Telling lies?
Open your Mouth
Yes Father!

Twinkle Twinkle
Twinkle Twinkle Little star,
Why in God’s name are you so far?
Up above the sky so high,
I might meet God after I die,
Twinkle Twinkle little star,
I’ll ask God what’s up mere yaar.
Up above the sky so high.
Actually I’m an atheist, hey Wait a minute!

I Love Chocolates
I’d like to eat some chocolate,
I’d like to eat it now…
I’ll go out and play for an hour
So dad can blow you up like a cow…

Jack and Jill
Jack and Jill went up the hill
To spend some time together…
Jack brought Cindy and Jill brought Tammy
All four walked in awesome weather…
The weather was so awesome that you’d sleep all day,
you’d never do anything stupid.
Jack and Tammy played Fifa all day.
Jill and Cindy said “We never got to do it.”
They went shopping and they got a toy,
It was something that made them jump for joy.
They’d play together, all night long.
Jill and Cindy really started getting along.
And then next day they called the guys and said “Hey! It’s our turn!”
They beat Jack and Tammy in Fifa Bro.
Epic Burrrn!