Barclays Premier League Transfer Window – Chuckle Chuckle

There once was guy named Fellani,
He tried, but didn’t score any.
When he would go out to play,
Van Gaal would shout Hey!
“I’m not going to pay you a penny”

There once was guy named Cech.
He was on top of the deck.
Jose cried Courtois,
Cech ran up to terrace!
“Hey Arsenal! well, what the heck!”

There once was a guy named Falcao.
He learnt the English style, Wow!
He then saw Costa,
Was in another roster,
He told Van Gaal, Ciao.

There once was guy named Torres,
Who seemed to be lost in the Forest.
He crossed the bridge,
But was cold as a fridge.
He now works as florist!

There once was a guy Schweinsteiger
Man United got him, Blues cried Aaiga!
He’s bound for glory,
The rest will be his story.
Unless Van Gaal says, “Calm down Tiger!”

More where that came from!