What if we got our clothes at Birth

I used to wonder a lot as a child. I’m now wondering if I was high when I was a child. I’d get these  ideas, during the time when I’d dream that maybe I have some super power.

I used to wonder that what if the Divine powers that run the universe got together and decided that we will send clothes of babies that are born till death. So that  who are on earth will know how many stages they will see before they die. Also you can plan in advance knowing how tall, fat, bulky your child is going to be.

I’m pretty sure that would make it awesome. Just by the simple analogy that as a child when you Mother says you get only 2 aloo parathas, you get prepared to enjoy those two and you enjoy them to the fullest. Going by that logic, you would see the number of people who would live content.

It would give people also the knowledge to gather the strength to be happy for others. If you would truly believe what you were sent for, then you would work towards it. If this doesn’t work then worst case scenario we would live in world where we’re jealous, have hatred for others and mostly bitching about others, which is what we’re already living in so… Yeah!

I know I’m treading in grey areas in the aspect that people would be more chained to their destinies than they already are but I think if God would give people a reason to live it would be awesome to give them that like a maths paper.

Given :
Clothes till age: 46
: Chemist
Height: 5’8
Weight: Variable, over-weight towards the end of life cycle, with sudden drop in weight
Please explore life to the fullest!
Good luck!



Have you ever walked into an empty Elevator and sang “Hello” from Lionel Richie for 8 floors at the top of your voice? Have you thought about the time when you first walked into a skyscraper? Do you know 12 floors high is not a skyscraper? Do ever feel like you are weird and none of the people that you know do the things you do? How long ago was it when you ran so hard that you almost fainted and were out of breath for minutes? Do you sometimes understand the joke ahead of others and laugh ahead of time before they join in? Do you look at a stunt that you see on Tv and say “I could really do that”?

Do you smile when you look at an old person still brisk and living with a smile? Don’t you think people who judge are ones who are either insecure or insufficient, incapable or one of those words that have the prefix “in”? Do you ever pick up something with your toes or reach out for something with a scalpel or an umbrella and think you would do better than others around you in survival? Do you ever bad dance? Do you ever dance all by yourself and imagine a huge crowd around you? Do you get teary eyed in the movies?

Do you get afraid of the dark? Don’t you walk sometimes just for the heck of it and come back refreshed? Does it ever occur to you that universal things like, dance, music, culture, love, respect, competition, problems, change, life, death has been going on for centuries and will go on for centuries? Have you ever felt like giving something away and not expect anything in return? Are you intimidated, nervous scared to talk to a girl? Have you ever opened a door for a lady or an elderly person? Have you ever given your own seat to a woman or elderly person, when you are on the bus? Does rain make you smile? Does it make you want to walk with the person you love? Have you thought that your kids will know and see much more than you ever will? Do you see people in different circles of society? Do you sometimes find energy in memories? Do you sometimes fuel yourself with memories and the feelings that is inside you? Have you ever danced with someone and felt comfortable and close? Do you sometimes skip bath on a holiday? Do you keep deadlines for yourself to do a certain something and then let them go by as you wave? Have you ever wanted to have someone to talk all night long? Has it crossed your mind that sometimes just being with someone makes everything so bright? Have you ever felt neglected?

Have you worked harder than you should so that someone you love can take rest? Have you smiled at someone when they offer you something for what you’ve done? Do you play with kids and let them win and see their emphatic reactions? Do you believe deep down, that people come in all shapes and sizes and are all beautiful? Have you ever seen a couple and thought about your future? Are these questions getting out of hand? Did you agree on any one of them? Should I have stopped at the question about the rain making you smile? Could you tell me how many questions are in here?