I enjoy borderline freedom… Happy Independence Day

I enjoy borderline freedom…

Like almost enjoying watching Good Luck Chuck on Star Movies.
Like almost watching Breaking Bad, Black Mirror at home and enjoying it, soon before it changes to Zoom Music.
Like almost voicing your opinion about living by yourself and still having love for your family.
Like almost expressing the desire to coming back to an empty apartment and sinking in your bed without any movement for hours, with the knowledge that the ones you love are fine.
Like almost walking naked in your own private space.
Like almost having friends over till 2 at night, talking about random shenanigans.
Like almost explaining back home why Jimmy Carr is pretty good at what he is doing.
Like almost having sex.
Like almost finding true love regardless of cast, age and colour and having the ones you love rejoice in it.
Like almost caring for the strangers who need attention and not caring for the ones you know who don’t really make you happy.
Like almost storming into a relative’s house, stomp, krump all over the place and walk out.
Like almost opening your eyes to being good at heart and not necessarily religious.
Like almost posting a picture with a girl whose good friends with you posting it online without bother.
Like almost yelling that cards against humanity is the best game ever.
Like almost expressing the desire that an erection bothers you unless you do something about it.
Like almost crying in a movie not bothered by what other people will say.
Like almost voicing your opinion not scared that you will be taken down somehow.
Like almost telling your parents that marriage does not have to come with a deadline.
Like almost telling your parents, have faith in me, I will not do something stupid.
Like almost telling your family, I love you, but it’s my life!
Like almost saying, I’m goofy, I know I am. I like it and I would not have it any other way!

I enjoy borderline freedom.