It’s like Waiting for Godot

He looked at the building,
Being built block by block…
Each step took it closer to the top.
He waited patiently,
He waited persistently,
You can’t wait persistently,
That’s like saying he trotted along in a sprint.
Stop digressing.
He waited persistently as the building grew,
with different pieces coming together.
Wait, was he waiting patiently?
Or was he waiting persistently?
Because if he were to wait patiently,
He’d just wait.
If he had to be persistent,
He’d at least light a smoke.

He waited and waited.
He waited as he could not do anything apart from waiting.
He waited like he was waiting for Godot.
He waited and waited,
And then he waited a little more.

catastrophic theater waiting for godot

When the time was right,
The moment arrived.
His eyes sparkled and were lit up.
He then saw a miracle occur.
To his very surprise,
Not one, but two lines arrived and he yelled
“High Score on Tetris”

Ps:- His mother yelled, “Go to sleep, Shunky!”
He slept peacefully…