Some of the Comics in Bangalore…

Here are the profiles of these comics that you see above that you can could hire. They know each other. I mean, they speak to each other most of the time to tell their comedian friends that they have a new bit to try. If you don’t believe me, come to an open mic of Comedy in Bangalore and see for yourself.

Aamer Peeran
Aditya Shridhar
Anand Ratnam
Kjeld Sreshth
Navin Kumar
Shridhar V
Somnath Padhy
Sneha Suhas
Suhas Navratna
Suman Kumar

To hire these comics for a show, please call 9739482176 or write to

Not to forget, my profile is here as well. If you’re interested, hire me (Please, come on, it’s my blog page, before you make a decision, (pick me) we can talk it out, over chai. I promise. I can convince you(pick me). Please, don’t do this so soon. Just click here, once. Just click, click  “Goddamit!” (Sorry! Coloured the wrong word.)