Raise Gentlemen

Dear Son,

You will not abuse power. Your ego is not bound to your manhood. When the time is right, you will have the urge to have sex. It’s something you shouldn’t be ashamed about. But you will not put your pride on the fact that you had sex at a certain point in your life.
Establishing dominance, cat calling and pride in being able to have sex when the other person isn’t ready or has said has nothing to do with you being a man. Understand chivalry. Understand that the more you believe in the fact that having sex or losing your virginity has nothing to do with your dignity.

You will not put your ego, on the line. Firstly, try not to have an ego. But if I mess up as a parent and you end up having an ego, keep it to yourself. Don’t take it out and whip it around. There is no mid way to being a gentleman. I’ll repeat that, son.
There is no mid way to being a gentleman. You will honour the fact that the girl you are with has said no and not take that for granted.

Don’t do it, son. Don’t listen to the voice of ego and assume that it’s only fair because you feel entitled. You are not entitled to anything. I hope this is the second and last line that I have to repeat. You are not entitled to anything!
Man up, walk away and let me not hear about even one incident of any violence of personal space, both physical and mental.

You’ll fall while learning about life and your self-confidence should probably be there throughout your life. But don’t prove it, you don’t have to show anyone that you are able to. Believe in yourself. Don’t be pathetic.

Now before I go on ranting about the incidents that triggered this letter, I better stop. I’m sure you’ll have tools to find out about it. So one last time… You are not entitled to anything. You believe in yourself and don’t have your ego on the line at any point. Be a gentleman. If I’m going to be drinking when you read this, let’s have some alcohol, else a cup of chai for me and let’s talk…



Questions in mind about Sex

What is the right age to lose your virginity?
Does fate have a hand in deciding when it happens?
Is sex only for reproduction?
Why do condoms exist if sex is only for reproduction?
How many orgasms have you had and how many children do you have?
How early is too early for sex?
How do you talk to your parents about sex without making it awkward and causing harm to the family name?
If you refrain from indulging in sexual activity, why do you get wet dreams?
If having sex before marriage is a crime, shouldn’t that be a crime even after divorce?
If you marry 3 times in one lifetime and have sex with three different people, is that all right?
Do your grand parents have a story of getting married in their teens as well?
Why didn’t our parents get married during their teenage?
Why don’t they use the term, ‘the couple’ is pregnant?
Doesn’t an act of getting pregnant require two people?
Why do we hit puberty at our teens and not get married as soon as we hit puberty?
Why isn’t a man’s virginity ever questioned?
Should you consider getting married so that you can constantly have sex?
Is there a hormonal effect if you curb your desire to have sex?
Was it just me or at teenage, you get a hard on randomly and it was embarrassing?
How do you make a hard on disappear, until you’re married because sex before marriage should be unheard of?
If it isn’t healthy, why are you looked down upon if you’re seen having a hard on?
Did you know about wet dreams?
Did you know about ejaculation?
For people who don’t sleep facing upwards, does it harm your health to get wet dreams?
How do you stop from getting wet dreams, without engaging in sexual activity or masturbating?
Do you know anyone who has managed to do it?
Is it okay to expect a virgin bride when the man’s not a virgin?
Is it okay to not ejaculate?
Did I read somewhere that it might cause prostate cancer?
Should you work hard and get married in your early twenties just so you save yourself from Prostate Cancer?
If you are not in the mind set to get married, then aren’t you getting married at the wrong time of your life?
If you are not ready, and I’m not talking about procrastination, to bring a child into this world and you do, are’t you making a messed up child for the future generation?
Who decides what is the right mind frame of marriage?
Why should you not settle down with a life partner at the age of 18 like Grandpa did? (umm I did not mean that joke)
What is erectile dysfunction?
Did people masturbate 3000 years before?
Does biology of human body depend on the faith that we follow?
Is it possible to train your endocrine system that is made up of glands and hormones to not disturb you with sexual desires?
Is there such a thing called, sexual frustration?
If you keep getting sexually frustrated and neglect it then aren’t you getting just more sexually frustrated?
What do you know about Hysteria?
Aren’t individuals different from one another and have different patterns?
Does that mean some people have been ejaculating from their early teens?
Am I asking too many questions?
Are you ashamed?
Are you mad at me?
Do you regret knowing that my mind has these questions about Sex?