On the bright side…

It’s been a year of stupidity, mistakes, and some wonderful experiences.
Of meeting new people, learning so much.
Of watching wonderful movies, discovering masterful artists.
Of laughing at the younger version of me who was such a doofus.

It’s been a year of all this….

Hosting a Game Show where I played Dumb Charades and Pictionary with contestants. Thank you to Beam It Live team with which I had such a good time for 6 months. I made some dumb mistakes. I learnt so much about being presentable and about having fun on camera. That sounds so rehearsed. Even calling that sounds a little rehearsed.
Started the year in Goa, where I performed at a wedding for the first time.
Performing on a bus, on the way to Coorg for a few doctors Thanks to Vibrant Holiday Destinations. It was one the weirdest, yet rewarding experiences I’ve had.
Performing at a venue where I get picked up and thrown off stage by a drunk heckler. (I was startled.)
Joining and working with Improv Comedy Bangalore and experiencing being there without any net supporting improvisers on stage learning how to try to be honest and not trying to be funny.
Performing in a Comedy Club where, people come and watch Stand Up in Mumbai.
Performing for 400 people in Mumbai, twice in the same night, Thanks to Kenny Sebastian.
Performing in a Comedy Festival in another city, where the comics are a very close-knit group.
Travelling to Goa for Improv and spending time on the beach with the team.
This year the number of people trying comedy has gone up by a huge number in Bangalore. Performing in various venues in Bangalore and other cities is something I’m thankful for and am looking forward to as well.
All in all a year with so many wonderful moments.
Even though there have been differences, and we having to lose so many great artists in the world, 2016, you’ve been fairly kind and generous to me.
Thank you and Here’s celebrating the last day of the year.

PS:- There are more than the five thumbnails of movies and comics and books that I watched and enjoyed, presently those are the ones that came to my mind. Tig Notaro, Whiplash, La La Land, Buster Keaton and Animal Farm


Happy New Year Folks!


Merry Christmas! (Go back to sleep)

I look at a star covering the bulb that lights up the verandah of a house, I think to myself, “Is it that time of the year, already?”

Merry Christmas!
Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun is it to ride….(You also don’t know the rest, Hey!)

This is the time of the year when the same things happen that happened every time Christmas happened :-

1. Recollect things I’ve done this year. A teary-eyed moment. So many things I’ve messed up.
2. Start planning for a bright 2016.
3. Watch a classic movie that makes you cry. Always.
4. Acknowledge Home Alone.
5. Skip watching Home Alone.
6. Send out Thank-you Notes, mentally.
7. Look at all your friends, planning parties and take a deep breath before you get into bed. You sleep longer than usual.
8. Snooze never seemed this awesome all year. Wait that’s not a point for you. Anyway, doesn’t matter, moving on.
9. Look at New Year Party invites and see which one is free.
10. New Year Resolutions. Nah! Still one or two. Maybe. Let’s see. I don’t want to Jinx it. 
11. Promise yourself that you will travel more in 2016.
12. Do a good gesture for someone who can’t afford it.
13. Spread the goodness everywhere.
14. Have late night conversations that last year this time we were having the same conversations about the last year this time when we were talking about… You get it.
15. Watch a movie that everyone else has been talking about but you’ve never bothered.

Home Alone

I’ve always slept for long hours during Christmas times. Yes, full 8 hours.
Merry Christmas guys! & a Happy New Year…. (fades into the mist)